• Roseville Scarf - Pumpkin w/PetrolRoseville Scarf - Pumpkin w/Petrol
  • Roseville Scarflette - Prussian w/GrouseRoseville Scarflette - Prussian w/Grouse
  • Roseville Scarflette - Dk . Red w/AmethystRoseville Scarflette - Dk . Red w/Amethyst
  • Roseville Scarflette - Plum w/SilkRoseville Scarflette - Plum w/Silk
  • Roseville Scarf - Thunder w/PlumRoseville Scarf - Thunder w/Plum
  • Roseville Scarf - Dk  Brown/CinnabarRoseville Scarf - Dk Brown/Cinnabar
  • Roseville Scarf - Pewter w/CoralRoseville Scarf - Pewter w/Coral
  • Roseville Scarf - Black w/FuschiaRoseville Scarf - Black w/Fuschia
  • Roseville Scarf - Verdigris w/CurryRoseville Scarf - Verdigris w/Curry
  • Roseville Scarf - Deco and Sage w/CoralRoseville Scarf - Deco and Sage w/Coral

Roseville Scarflette


Still my best selling scarflette after 10 years in the line. Approximately 30” long, one end is decorated with a felt inlay rose and vine pattern which is further embellished with free-hand machine embroidery. The scarf is fastened by pulling the decorated end through a small slit in the other end. Small enough to fit in your pocket and lovely enough to get you plenty of compliments.