• Parmalia Collar - Tanzanite on Dk. RedParmalia Collar - Tanzanite on Dk. Red
  • Parmalia Collar - Amethyst on WillowParmalia Collar - Amethyst on Willow
  • Parmalia Collar - Gray on  Dk. BrownParmalia Collar - Gray on Dk. Brown
  • Parmalia Collar - Lichen on GrouseParmalia Collar - Lichen on Grouse
  • Parmalia Collar - Crimson on Dk. RedParmalia Collar - Crimson on Dk. Red
  • Parmalia Collar - Seaholly on BlackParmalia Collar - Seaholly on Black
  • Parmalia Collar - Topaz on PetrolParmalia Collar - Topaz on Petrol
  • Parmalia Collar - Nutmeg on ThunderParmalia Collar - Nutmeg on Thunder
  • Parmalia Collar - Verdigris on GrayParmalia Collar - Verdigris on Gray

Parmalia Collar


A short scarf worn over a flat lapelled coat or any sweater or shirt and fastened with a hidden magnet. Six rows of ruffled chevrons in 5 shade ombre cascade gracefully from the neck down. As much a piece of jewelry as a warm scarf.