• Nasturtium Scarf - Dark Red With IrisNasturtium Scarf - Dark Red With Iris
  • Nasturtium Scarf - Sparrows Egg w/ PosiesNasturtium Scarf - Sparrows Egg w/ Posies
  • Nasturtium Scarflett - Petrol w/ StormNasturtium Scarflett - Petrol w/ Storm
  • Nasturtium Scarf - Coral w/CinnamonNasturtium Scarf - Coral w/Cinnamon
  • Nasturtium Scarf - Prussian w/LupinesNasturtium Scarf - Prussian w/Lupines
  • Nasturtium Scarf - Dk  Brown w/CinnabarNasturtium Scarf - Dk Brown w/Cinnabar
  • Nasturtium Scarf - Camel w/TaffyNasturtium Scarf - Camel w/Taffy
  • Nasturtium - Black With EarthNasturtium - Black With Earth

Nasturtium Scarflette


A short scarf festooned with a cascade of multi-hued Nasturtiums cascading down one side. One end of the scarf has a small slit through which you pull the decorated end.