• Hibiscus Muffler -Terra Cotta on MochaHibiscus Muffler -Terra Cotta on Mocha
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Terra Cotta on MochaHibiscus Muffler - Terra Cotta on Mocha
  • Hibiscus Muffler - White on OxfordHibiscus Muffler - White on Oxford
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Crimson on BlackHibiscus Muffler - Crimson on Black
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Periwinkle on TanzaniteHibiscus Muffler - Periwinkle on Tanzanite
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Heather on WilllowHibiscus Muffler - Heather on Willlow
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Poppy on RedHibiscus Muffler - Poppy on Red
  • Hibiscus Muffler - Fuscia on Navy/EggplantHibiscus Muffler - Fuscia on Navy/Eggplant

Hibiscus Muffler


A winter garden to keep your neck warm, two large hibiscus grace the end of a leaf shaped short scarf. Fastens with magnet closure. The body of the scarf is made in two shades of wool and felted on the bias to give the edge a gentle undulation. Your scarf will not look exactly like the picture but will be just as lovely in it’s own unique way.