• Cyclaman Mittens - RedCyclaman Mittens - Red
  • Cyclamen Mittens - Reds w/Terra CottaCyclamen Mittens - Reds w/Terra Cotta
  • Cyclamen Mittens - Blues w/PatinaCyclamen Mittens - Blues w/Patina
  • Cyclamen Mittens - Purples w/LemongrassCyclamen Mittens - Purples w/Lemongrass
  • Cyclamen Mittens - Black/Gray w/RedCyclamen Mittens - Black/Gray w/Red

Cyclamen Mittens


Fingerless mittens in a double ombre with two contrasting leaves and a vine pattern that wraps around the wrist. These match some of both the Diana and the Evelyn hats. If you don’t see the color combination you would like to make a set with either of those hats, email me and I can make them for you.

The medium fits your average ladies hand.