• Beatrice PumpkinBeatrice Pumpkin
  • Beatrice Pumpkin BackBeatrice Pumpkin Back
  • Beatrice TanzaniteBeatrice Tanzanite
  • Beatrice Tanzanite BackBeatrice Tanzanite Back
  • Beatrice AquaBeatrice Aqua
  • Beatrice Aqua BackBeatrice Aqua Back
  • Beatrice MaizeBeatrice Maize
  • Beatrice Maize BackBeatrice Maize Back
  • Beatrice BlackBeatrice Black
  • Beatrice Black BackBeatrice Black Back
  • Beatrice - ThunderBeatrice - Thunder
  • Beatrice - ThunderBeatrice - Thunder



A wide brimmed hat with a contrasting swirl and curl pattern across the crown. An excellent hat for the sun weary.

Please contact me if you would like to customize this hat.