• Adelaide Scarflette - Thunder w/DoeAdelaide Scarflette - Thunder w/Doe
  • Adelaide Scarflette - Coral w/GrayAdelaide Scarflette - Coral w/Gray
  • Adelaide Scarflette - Swallow's Egg w/PetrolAdelaide Scarflette - Swallow's Egg w/Petrol
  • Adelaide Scarflette - Camel w/JuiceAdelaide Scarflette - Camel w/Juice

Adelaide Scarflette


A simple yet elegant scarf that’s substantial enough to keep you warm but small enough to slip into your pocket once you settle in for a nice cup of cocoa. The body of the scarf is solid with a Teaberry inlay embellishing the end. The scarf is fastened by pulling the decorated end through a small slit in the other end.