• Adelaide Mittens - Camel w/Juice &  WillowAdelaide Mittens - Camel w/Juice & Willow
  • Adelaide Mittens - Coral w/Gray & BlackAdelaide Mittens - Coral w/Gray & Black
  • Adelaide Mittens - Swallow w/Petrol & WillowAdelaide Mittens - Swallow w/Petrol & Willow
  • Adelaide Mittens - Thunder w/Doe & BottleAdelaide Mittens - Thunder w/Doe & Bottle
  • Adelaide Mittens - Dk. Brown w/Lemongrass & SilkAdelaide Mittens - Dk. Brown w/Lemongrass & Silk
  • Adelaide Mittens - Black w/Deco & AcidAdelaide Mittens - Black w/Deco & Acid

Adelaide Mittens


Fingerless mittens with a TeaBerry inlay. Iphone friendly. Musician, photographer, stenographer friendly. You can wear them by themselves or over a pair of regular gloves.

My size medium fits an average ladies hand. Large fits an average mans hand. They are snug going on but tend to form fit to your hand after being worn for a short time. They can be steamed over a kettle to stretch or hand washed vigorously in hot water to shrink.