Felt Care

Felt Care

All of my felt is made from super soft Merino wool. Just a like a wool sweater, they will shrink if thrown in the washing machine on hot and then put in the dryer. You can dry clean any of the items if you like but you can hand wash most of them with a little TLC.

Scarves, Mittens and Flowers
-Wash in cool water with mild soap (Woolite is great)
-Gently swish your items around in the water to get them soaked
-Gently rub and area that needs to be spot cleaned
-Rinse under running water or by submerging repeatedly in clean water
-Put your scarf or mittens flat between a towel folded several times and stand on it to mash out all the excess water.
-Hang to dry
-Never put them in the dryer
-You can however iron or steam them into shape or to flatten if you like
-If your mittens shrank a tiny bit during washing you can hold them over the spout of a steam kettle and then put them on to stretch them to your size again.

I generally recommend that you dry clean or spot clean any hat that has a lot of three dimensional details or ribbons.
If you choose to spot clean it yourself:
-Put a TINY dab of soap on the spot and clean with a wet rag.
-Rinse the rag, re-saturate it with water and force the water through the spot to rinse. This is some times more easily done with two rags, one on each side, on a flat surface.
-Repeat above step until you have removed the soap
-Let hat stand to dry
-If your hat has become slightly misshapen during the cleaning process you can hold it over a steam kettle and then put in on your head to reshape.

If your hat is simple and relatively plain you can follow the same instructions for clean scarves and mittens above followed holding it over a steam kettle and putting it on your head for reshaping.

I store my wool during the summer in well sealed boxes or zippered bags with lavender sachets or cedar rather than moth balls. It’s difficult to get the smell of moth balls out of the wool and the stuff is toxic and bad for you and your pet’s health. I also recommend that you clean your wool items before storing them because dirt and oils from our skin can break down the wool over time if left for too long.

Please email me with any other questions you might have.