Miss Fitt & Co was started in San Francisco in 2000 as an ‘I do things for money’ design and performance production company. Offerings included but were not limited to Burning Man, theatre and dance costumes, wedding dresses, interior decorating, back up singer/keyboardist, dancer/choreographer, etc. In 2003 she started specializing in felt hats when a local hat store owner spotted one she had made in college and asked her to design a line for her store. Within a couple of years, this iteration of the business had grown to provide felt accessories to boutiques and stores including the SF MOMA shop, Henri Bendel of New York and Le Bon Marche in Paris. In 2006 Wendy and her husband Scott Solter decided to try country living for a while and moved to semi-rural North Carolina. They bought thrice expanded cottage, known as The Rambles and converted a large den and a two story garage into a recording studio with room for bands and artists to come and stay while working. Shortly afterward, Wendy discovered the world of fine craft shows and started selling more directly to the public instead of strictly wholesale. After growing that customer base for 10 years and wanting to get back to her costume design roots, she added Moss Fete to the fold: a line of fantastic hats and accessories inspired by characters from the literary, film and gaming world. She now splits her calendar between fine craft shows and comic-cons such as DragonCon and New York Comic-con.
Everything is still made by hand in her studio in Durham NC with a small team of studio assistants and two supervisory cats.

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