• Eggplant w/FuchsiaEggplant w/Fuchsia
  • Eggplant w/FuchsiaEggplant w/Fuchsia
  • Aqua w/SherbetAqua w/Sherbet
  • Aqua Half UntiedAqua Half Untied
  • Black w/RedBlack w/Red
  • Black w/Red UntiedBlack w/Red Untied
  • Black w/SeahollyBlack w/Seaholly
  • Black w/ Seaholly UntiedBlack w/ Seaholly Untied
  • Burgundy w/French BlueBurgundy w/French Blue
  • Burgundy UntiedBurgundy Untied
  • Carbon w/UmberCarbon w/Umber
  • Carbon UntiedCarbon Untied
  • Kelly w/Mink BrownKelly w/Mink Brown
  • Kelly UntiedKelly Untied

Ruffled Collars Page 1


A confection of silk and wool wrapped up with long stems ending in large lilies. The ties cross over in the back and can be worn in a large bow with the flowers pulled up near the neck or left to hang. This collar is very comfortable to wear and adds glamour to any outfit.

See page 2 for more colors