• Hibiscus Pin - RedHibiscus Pin - Red
  • Hibiscus Pin - CrimsonHibiscus Pin - Crimson
  • Hibiscus Pin - Dk PersimmonHibiscus Pin - Dk Persimmon
  • Hibiscus Pin - CamelHibiscus Pin - Camel
  • Hibiscus Pin - SherwoodHibiscus Pin - Sherwood
  • Hibiscus Pin -  WhiteHibiscus Pin - White
  • Hibiscus Pin - TealHibiscus Pin - Teal

Hibiscus Pin


Never wilts. Doesn’t need to be fed. Attracts friends. Versatile: Comes with a bar pin and a large bobby pin that are interchangeable. Can also be worn on your shoe lace or on a ribbon as a corsage or choker.
Each flower is made from a mixture of up to 5 colors of wool with a yarn stamen.
Approximately 3” across.